• Albertus Sudarmanto Institut Manajemen Wiyata Indonesia
  • Jesaya Ginting Ilmu Komunikasi Institut Managemen Wiyata Indonesia
  • Veronika Sari Prihandayani Institut Manajemen Wiyata Indonesia
  • Wilogo Siwi Pamungkas Institut Manajemen Wiyata Indonesia


Co-branding, Oreo, Supreme


Competition in the business world is getting tougher causing business actors to be required to have a competitive advantage in order to be able to compete in the market. One of the strategies carried out by the company is Co-branding or Collaboration Branding or merging brands. Co-branding is a collaboration format between two or more brands that already have significant recognition in their market. And the products produced from this co-branding are unique, unusual, even co-branding products are usually sold in limited editions. One form of product resulting from the Co-branding is Oreo with Supreme. This co-branding is a collaboration between the Supreme brand, which is basically a fashion brand, and Oreo, which is basically a food product brand.

This journal reviews the Co-branding between Oreo and Supreme using a descriptive qualitative research approach. And shows that the Co-branding strategy carried out by Oreo Supreme produces premium new products and has a significant influence in the business world.


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